About the Embrace Your Dignity Retreat

Theology of the BodyUtilizing the teachings of Saint John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, Sacred Scripture, and the traditions of the Catholic Church, the Embrace Your Dignity!: A Theology of the Body Retreat offers young people the opportunity to enter into a peaceful atmosphere where they are led by trained retreat directors on a journey of faith that seeks to inspire them to embrace their God-given dignity and value.

The Embrace Your Dignity!: A Theology of the Body Retreat is adapted from the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend’s Theology of the Body curriculum guidelines, and is intended to be complementary to the classroom curriculum.


  1. Embracing Our Identity as Sons and Daughters of God
  2. What Does the Body Communicate?
  3. Love as a Gift Received and Given
  4. Authentic Love is Free, Total, Faithful and Fruitful
  5. Purifying Counterfeits of Love with Virtue
  6. Vocation: My Answer to God’s Call

Lindenwood Director

Christopher Thelen, Director

Christopher Thelen has extensive experience leading young people on retreats of prayer, hiking and camping expeditions, and faith formation retreats. While studying at the Higher Institute of Philosophy, located in Leuven, Belgium, Christopher studied St. John Paul II’s conception of personalist philosophy and moral theology, and is very comfortable adapting St. John Paul II’s teachings to audiences of all age groups. He currently serves as the Director of Lindenwood Retreat and Conference Center.