Connecting Soul and Role: Living Undivided

January 27, 2024
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Connecting Soul and Role: Living Undivided through the Lens of the ElderGarten


Join us for a special day retreat that focuses on the wisdom of elderhood and the power of living with intention. "Being an Elder" isn't just about age; it's about living a meaningful and genuine life and sharing your wisdom with others. This retreat welcomes people of all ages who connect with this idea and want to make a positive impact in the world through life experiences that will be shared beyond them!

Our retreat takes place at the peaceful Lindenwood Retreat and Conference Center. It's a chance to discover your inner wholeness and commit to lifelong learning and intentional living. Dr. Hare, an experienced speaker on purposeful living, will provide a presentation through Zoom; sharing concepts from her book “ElderGarten: A Field Guide for the Journey of A Lifetime”.

What's Included in the Retreat Registration:

  1. Interactive Discussions: On this day, we'll have open and engaging discussions designed to help you better understand how to live a genuine, meaningful life and share your wisdom effectively with others.
  2. Lunch: For those attending in person we'll fellowship and share a lunch together.
  3. Peaceful Environment: Our retreat location is surrounded by nature, offering a peaceful backdrop for reflection and renewal. The natural beauty allows you to escape the noise of daily life and fully immerse yourself in self-discovery.

Come and join us to explore the wisdom of elderhood and intentional living at this retreat. Together, we'll uncover the beauty of living a meaningful life and embark on a journey of lifelong learning that will impact the lives of others.

Don't miss this opportunity to embrace wisdom, live with intention, and share your experiences at Lindenwood Retreat and Conference Center. Your wisdom is a gift to the world, and this retreat is your chance to share it with purpose and meaning.

Need tuition assistance? Apply for the Gift of the Spirit Scholarship.

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