Icon Painting Daze

March 15 - 17, 2023
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Join Peter Pearson for Icon painting and conversation. Bring what you are working on, your own paints, and Icons. A relaxing time to support you in your work and prayer with Icons.

An Experience of a Lifetime - Icon Painting Daze with Peter Pearson

Are you looking for a unique way to deepen your faith through art? Join Peter Pearson, an experienced iconographer and theologian, for three days of creative exploration. This retreat will give you the opportunity to learn more about icon painting while also creating meaningful connections with other like-minded individuals. Take this time to work on any current projects, bring your own paints and icons, and explore the spiritual side of art!

Icon Painting Daze is a 3-day retreat where attendees can experience not just the practical aspect of iconography, but also its spiritual impact. During this retreat, you will receive instruction from renowned iconographer Peter Pearson as well as have time to work on any current projects. You’ll be able to bring your own paints and icons along with you and have access to all the tools needed for a successful creative experience. Not only that, but lunch will be provided in a cafeteria style setting so that everyone’s dietary needs are taken into consideration.

But that’s not all! This event is an amazing chance for those interested in icons to come together and share their thoughts and ideas in an open forum. Mr. Pearson will provide insight into his own experiences with icon painting as well as tips on how to effectively combine spirituality with art. This is also an excellent opportunity to ask questions to further develop your understanding of this craft while deepening your faith journey at the same time.

Icon Painting Daze provides an unforgettable experience for those looking to explore iconography and deepen their faith through art. With instruction from Peter Pearson and plenty of time for conversation about the spiritual aspect of painting Icons, this retreat promises something special for all who attend! Registration is now open until March 15th-17th so don't wait - sign up today! You won't want to miss out on such an incredible opportunity!

March 15th 1pm - 17th until 12pm
Cost: $285 includes time with Peter Pearson, meals, & room

Cost for Commuters: $150

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