Lindenwood provides a quiet and peaceful environment for people of all faiths and from all walks of life, businesses and not-for-profit organizations.  Located on the shores of Lake Gilbraith in Northern Indiana, Lindenwood offers beautiful spaces for retreats, seminars, conferences, workshops for personal, professional and spiritual growth.

Our Event Coordinator will work closely with you and your group to address any needs you would have and to make sure that your program runs smoothly.

You can rent our meeting rooms for half a day, an entire day or several days.  Our bedrooms have a private bath and individually controlled heating and air conditioning units.  For meals you can choose to bring your own, have a caterer or eat in the Motherhouse Dining Room.

To make a reservation and learn more about renting our spaces, please contact us at or 574-935-1780.

“We have been to six or seven retreat sites over the last 25 years – the last 10 at Lindenwood – and Lindenwood is by FAR the most comfortable, accommodating and affordable facility. It is not just the physical architecture, grounds, etc. It is full of light and love and acceptance. Truly a Christ-centered Ministry.”
(Kittie, Lindenwood Guest)

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