Henri Nouwen, Insights: Identity

August 27, 2022
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August 27 “Identity, Finding Myself in God” -This retreat will explore the question of “Who am I?” Henri Nouwen suggests that we need to look at ourselves in the light of the person that God created us to be. Topics include: Belovedness, Belonging, Imago Dei, False Narratives, and Acceptance.

This series, facilitated by Sr. Joetta Huelsmann, PHJC, will be using booklets written by Chris Pritchett and Marjorie J. Thompson who incorporate Henri Nouwen’s thoughts and writings.
Reading the booklet before the session is encouraged. Bring a journal and an open heart as well as the booklet for the series (to be purchased through Lindenwood’s Bookstore). This is a day retreat, if wishing to stay overnight check with Lindenwood for availability and extra cost.

Cost: $50/session
Time: 9:00am - 4:30pm Includes lunch

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