At Lindenwood we recognize the importance of slowing down and growing in awareness of the many ways in which we encounter Christ and others on a day-to-day basis. Spiritual direction is a relational journey where the seeker comes to know, love, and follow Christ with the help of a spiritual director. The spiritual director and seeker work together, through the grace and guidance of the Holy Spirit, to know God’s will, then determine the daily practices to help the seeker to surrender daily to God’s will. The goal of spiritual direction is to lead the seeker into deeper union and intimacy with Christ and the freedom of love of neighbor.

At Lindenwood, we invite you to consider making a personal retreat to help you nurture your relationship with God, growth in virtue and sanctity.

A retreat is defined period of time given to withdrawing from one’s usual surroundings and occupations to a place of solitude for meditation, prayer, and self-examination, in order to make practical resolutions in serving God and growing in the spiritual life. Since the 16th century, led by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, retreats have become a formal devotion among the clergy, vowed religious, and laity.

When you schedule your personal retreat at Lindenwood, you can expect:

Lindenwood provides a quiet and peaceful environment for people of all faiths and from all walks of life, businesses and not-for-profit organizations.  Located on the shores of Lake Gilbraith in Northern Indiana, Lindenwood offers beautiful spaces for retreats, seminars, conferences, workshops for personal, professional and spiritual growth.

Our Retreat Development Manager and Retreat Development Assistants are there to assist you along the way of your program planning. Link Paul’s, Kelly’s and Cheri’s bios to the proper title, i.e. Retreat Development Manager is Paul and Retreat Development Assistants are Kelly and Cheri.

When you schedule your program at Lindenwood, you can expect:

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