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Are you dedicated to your spiritual journey? Do others often turn to you for intimate conversations about their spiritual lives? Have you felt a calling to support and guide others on their paths?

At Lindenwood, we understand the importance of spiritual companionship. That's why we offer a unique program designed to help individuals discern their calling and develop the skills needed to serve as spiritual companions.

Our program is carefully crafted to introduce participants to the theory, spirituality, and practical aspects of spiritual direction in today's world. Through engaging sessions, you'll explore the distinctions between spiritual companionship and counseling, deepen your understanding of various prayer methods, enhance your listening skills, and learn the art of discernment.

Our cohort meets every other month for immersive two-day overnight retreats, providing ample opportunity for reflection, learning, and growth. Additionally, we offer two five-day, four-night retreat, where you'll delve even deeper into the practice of spiritual companionship.

Whether you're seeking personal enrichment or preparing for a ministry in spiritual direction, Lindenwood's Spiritual Companion Program offers a transformative journey of discovery and development. Submit an application to see about joining our next Cohort!

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