Covenant Connect: Deepening Marital Intimacy

May 3-6, 2024
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Dates: May 3rd 4:00pm- May 6th 11:00am

Price: $320 per couple

Get ready for a special retreat just for married couples! It's all about making your relationship stronger. We're here to help you build a deeper connection with each other, and we're starting with the love of Jesus Christ.

This retreat is like a fun adventure for couples who want to make their love even more awesome!

About Your Hosts: Jay and Deb Landry

Meet Jay and Deb, a happily married couple celebrating 29 years together! Hailing from different places, Deb calls South Bend, Indiana, home, while Jay is from New Iberia, Louisiana. Their journey began when they crossed paths in a group focused on helping people grow.

Deb, once a nurse, now embraces the title of a domestic engineer. On the other hand, Jay has dedicated 27 years to guiding adults on matters of faith. Besides their passion for supporting others, Jay enjoys soccer, reading, family time, and sports.

With a shared commitment to assisting people, especially those from challenging family backgrounds, Jay and Deb are excited to share their experiences. Join them for a retreat that goes beyond learning—it's about having a great time while strengthening your marriage!

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