What Was I Made For?

September 28, 2024
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Dates: Saturday, September 28th, 10:30 am - 2:30 pm

"What Was I Made For?" Find meaning in life though the lens of the ElderGarten, Led by Dr. Sally Z. Hare.

This is a hybrid retreat all about discovering your life's purpose through the unique perspective of The ElderGarten.

Whether you're curious about life's meaning, eager to tell your own story, or passionate about living with purpose, this retreat is for you. Open to ages 18-118!

Retreat Highlights:

- Connect with Yourself: Take time to understand what truly matters to you and how to find happiness in your life.

- Reflect and Recharge: Enjoy a slower pace with opportunities for quiet reflection and shared experiences.

- Explore Your Gifts: Think about your unique talents and the things you love. Reflect on how you live your life and where you want to focus your energy.

- Supportive Community: Experience the balance of doing your personal work within a supportive group, understanding that while your journey is unique, you don’t have to go through it alone.

Join us for a day of self-discovery and connection, helping you live a more intentional and fulfilling life.

Price: $50 - Includes Sally's book / ($25 for online guests - no book included)

What's Included in the Retreat Registration:

1. Interactive Discussions: Open and engaging discussions designed to help you better understand how to live a genuine, meaningful life and share your wisdom effectively with others.

2. Lunch: For those attending in person, we'll fellowship and share a lunch together.

3. Peaceful Environment: Our retreat location is surrounded by nature, offering a peaceful backdrop for reflection and renewal. The natural beauty allows you to escape the noise of daily life and fully immerse yourself in self-discovery.

About Your Host:

Dr. Sally Z. Hare, the Singleton Professor Emerita and founding director of the Center for Education and Community at Coastal Carolina University, has spent years guiding and inspiring students. Her leadership as Dean of Graduate and Continuing Education impacted countless individuals. Driven by a love for learning, Dr. Hare's Kellogg Fellowship allowed her to explore various communities worldwide. Over three decades, she collaborated closely with Dr. Parker J. Palmer on education initiatives centered around courage and leadership. She also led an impactful retreat in January of this year, “Connecting Soul and Role,” that left participants requesting her return to us hybrid.

Dr. Sally will return to us once again virtually in collaboration with a Lindenwood Facilitator.

Register to this retreat to glean insights and deepen your journey towards intentional and purposeful living!

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